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DUMP VEOLIA – Global BDS/Land Day/Cesar Chavez Holiday in Los Angeles

More than 60 peopled joined the spirited march/rally on Friday, March 30, 2012 organized by Dump Veolia-LA, a coalition of activists from the Israel Divestment Campaign (IDC) and BDS-LA.  Members of Jewish Voice for Peace, Friends of Sabeel and activists from immigration justice, labor and Occupy movements joined coalition members to demand that the City of Los Angeles stop doing business with Veolia and not renew contracts for the downtown DASH bus routes.

Veolia employees looked on as the group assembled in front of the Veolia bus yard for a short rally before beginning a march through Chinatown to LA City Hall. Carrying their two mock “Freedom” buses (see photos) and leafleting pedestrians along the way, the group crossed Cesar Chavez Street (signed in English and Chinese) and stopped on a freeway overpass to face the oncoming traffic with their “buses” and signs and were greeted by lots of honks.

Gathered on the iconic west steps of LA City Hall, the short rally there concluded with singing Sweet Honey and the Rock’s “We who Believe in Freedom Cannot Rest.”

The day’s speakers included coalition member Garrick Ruiz, Mahmoud Ibrahim, Hamid Khan and Tony Litwinko.

Dump Veolia – LA Global BDS/Land Day slide show:

Other photos in Mike’s gallery:


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