Farming Injustice

Farmers in Gaza march on the buffer zones in Gaza to demand a boycott of Israeli agribusinesses (Photo: Joe Catron)

Palestinian farmers face the brunt of Israel’s land confiscations, demolitions and water theft. Farmers that still have access to land and water face systematically implemented restrictions and violence.

Israeli agricultural export companies such as Mehadrin and Hadiklaim are among the primary beneficiaries of the destruction of Palestinian agriculture, operating inside and exporting produce from illegal settlements using stolen Palestinian land and water and profiting from the siege on Gaza.

On February 9 2013, all of the major Palestinian agricultural organisations issued an appeal for action to end trade with illegal Israeli settlements and Israeli agricultural export companies. The organisations also published a briefing that aims to shed light on the systematic destruction of Palestinian agriculture by Israel and the complicity of Israeli agricultural companies in this destruction. The campaign was launched with a series of demonstrations in Gaza and across 40 cities in Europe.

In September 2011, following a campaign lasting over 6 years and taking place in more than 15 countries, Israel’s largest export company Agrexco entered into liquidation. The campaign against the company was one of the major factors behind its collapse. The company has now reformed, but is no longer the dominant player that it once was.

The Co-operative Group announced in 2012 that it would no longer source products from any supplier that operates in illegal settlements and cut ties to four Israeli companies following pressure from its members. There are campaigns underway to pressure other businesses to take similar steps.

Governments in Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK and South Africa have introduced special labelling for products from illegal Israeli settlements, and pressure is mounting for states to ban trade that sustains illegal settlements, which they are obliged to do under international law.


EU bans poultry exports from illegal Israeli settlements

Farmers in Gaza call for a boycott of Israeli agricultural exports

The decision is an implementation of the EU’s commitment not to recognise Israeli sovereignty over occupied Palestinian territory


French unions condemns collaboration with Israeli agriculture

Trade unions object to collaboration with Israeli farming firms and institutions due to their role in the colonisation of Palestinian land


Local Israel boycott part of Gaza’s “resistance mentality”


Agricultural organizations in the Gaza Strip are working with academic and other civil society groups to prepare for Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW)


UN year of solidarity with the Palestinian people begins with boycott success

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Just three weeks into 2014, the BDS movement has already achieved important successes


Friends of the Earth International statement in support of BDS and campaign against Mekorot


Friends of the Earth International calls upon governments, municipalities and private companies worldwide to discourage business links with illegal Israeli settlements by avoiding or terminating all cooperation with complicit Israeli companies such as Mekorot


Round-up of BDS successes in 2013

This round-up was published in conjunction with a Palestinian BDS National Committee statement looking ahead to 2014.


Jordan Valley settlements hit by boycott campaign

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Sales of peppers and grapes from illegal Israeli settlements in the Jordan Valley have dropped by up to 50%


Netherlands: Retailers ban goods from settlements


Dutch media reports 2 of country’s largest retail chains announce they will not sell more products originating beyond Green Line.


Demonstrations across Palestine and international BDS actions mark Palestinian Land Day

Palestinians are today commemorating with action Land Day, a day in 1976 when Israeli military forces shot and killed six young Palestinian citizens of Israel. These brave youth were among thousands protesting the Israeli government’s expropriation of Palestinian land. International supporters of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice and equality are marking Land Day with actions and initiatives to further campaigns for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

News, Statements

Netherlands becomes latest country to act against trade with illegal Israeli settlements

Palestinian activists enter a Rami Levi supermarket located in the Sha’ar Binyamin settlement to protest against the Israeli occupation and settlements and to call for BDS. Yotam Ronen/Activestills

The Dutch government has announced that it will introduce new guidance calling on retailers to label fresh produce from illegal Israeli settlements in a way that distinguishes it from products originating inside Israel


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