Israel is a country in breach of almost all of its obligations under international law. Sanctions were the final blow to the apartheid regime in South Africa, and given the dependency of Israel upon global markets, sanctions at a state, regional or institutional level will be a highly effective measure to bring about real pressure.

Israel’s membership in or association with various diplomatic and economic forums, such as the United Nations, EU and OECD, provide an unwarranted veneer of respectability and material support for its crimes. Free trade agreements with Israel play a key role in normalizing and whitewashing Israel’s crimes and in emboldening its impunity. By calling for sanctions against Israel, campaigners educate society about Israel’s violations of international law and seek to end the complicity of international institutions and other states in these violations.

The principle problem of sanctions is that action rests on states and global institutions, many of whom have a long history of supporting or implementing colonialism and occupations in the Middle East. However more recently several states have engaged in measures that may be considered first steps towards sanctions. The decision by many OECD member countries to boycott an OECD tourism conference or recent efforts targeting Israel’s involvement in the European Union such as the recent call for sanctions from 26 ex-EU leaders are two recent examples.

There are three areas to which sanctions can be applied: military links, including partnerships, agreements and joint operations; economic links, including trade, co-operation, forums, agreements, and joint research initiatives; and diplomatic links, including relations on an official level, participation in international institutions, external forums and networks and meetings between state representatives.

Recent Sanctions Articles


UEFA faces Israel controversy over proposal to hold 2020 tournament games in Jerusalem


Palestinian football teams and NGOs have written to UEFA arguing that holding the football games in Jerusalem during its 2020 tournament would be tantamount to “rewarding” Israel for its Gaza massacre and attacks on Palestinian football


Statement regarding the acquisition of Elbit technology by the Philippines

We trust that the people and the government of the Philippines will stand in support of human rights, international law and a just peace in Palestine and will take the right steps not to become complicit in the ongoing Israeli crimes against our people


Stop U.S Repression of African Americans in Ferguson


Palestinians Express Deep Solidarity with U.S. Minorities’ Struggle for Justice, Equality and Dignity


South African president meets with BDS activists


The 90 minute meeting on Palestine was convened in response to growing protests by South African civil society


Fidel Castro, Alice Walker, Bolivian president condemn Israel, join Latin American boycott call


The statement, titled “In Defense of Palestine,” condemns Israeli colonial occupation of Palestine, the ongoing attacks on the Gaza Strip and US imperialism and European complicity in Israel’s actions


Hundreds of thousands set to participate in International Day of Rage for Gaza

Spain has announced a “provisional” suspension of military exports to Israel and Evo Morales has announced his support for BDS


Gaza Calling: All out on Saturday 9 August Day of Rage

Smoke seen over the sky of Gaza following an Israeli air strike, July 8, 2014. © Yotam Ronen/ActiveStills

Palestinians trapped inside the bloodied and besieged Gaza Strip call for a Day of Rage on 9 August holding the BDS banner as the core demand


U.S. Should Stop Funding Israel, or Let Others Broker Peace

The U.S. is a central part of the problem in the Palestinian-Israel conflict. To be a part of the solution, it needs to do less, not more


Diplomatic pressure for Peace: A call for Sanctions from Palestinian Christians

Diplomatic pressure is needed now more than ever. It is a question of saving lives but also imposing accountability for criminal acts. As in similar International situations, now is the time for Economic and Military Sanctions


Palestine campaigners welcome Dublin City Council motion calling for end to attacks on Gaza and for arms embargo & trade sanctions on Israel

action bds montpellier douane (1)

Motion calls upon the Irish government to push for an arms embargo and trade sanctions on Israel.


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