On Gaza and global rage

Palestinian efforts to encourage a boycott of Israel, modeled on the South African anti-apartheid global campaign, is gaining momentum as a democratic movement

What’s behind the rise of BDS?

The ideological tectonic plates beneath Israel’s support have shifted, and a new global human rights movement is on the rise.

U.S. Should Stop Funding Israel, or Let Others Broker Peace

The U.S. is a central part of the problem in the Palestinian-Israel conflict. To be a part of the solution, it needs to do less, not more

Does the term ‘apartheid’ fit Israel? Of course it does.

The question is not whether the term “apartheid” applies here. It is why it should cause such an outcry when it is used.

Some Reflections on BDS and Feminist Political Solidarity

Part of a spe­cial sec­tion in Vol 4 No 1 of Feminists@law whose au­thors argue for a fem­inist politics of solid­arity that is truly eman­cip­atory in its aspirations.

Solidarity with Anti-Apartheid Resistance in Post-Oslo Palestine

Professor Haidar Eid, steering committee member with the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, writes for the Socialism and Democracy journal on strategies of solidarity

US Efforts to Curb Freedom of Speech on Israel and Palestine are of Grave Concern

Archbishop Desmond Tutu talks about against wave of legislative measures in the US aimed at repressing BDS activism

Israel’s War on American Universities | Common Dreams

Recent actions against US student groups appear to be part of a coordinated effort by the Israeli government and the Israel lobby to blacklist all student groups that challenge the official Israeli narrative

Silicon Valley accord recycles myth of Israel’s green record

In another effort to secure Israel’s image as a leader in technology and “green” industries, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week visited Silicon Valley to sign a cooperation agreement with Jerry Brown, the governor of California. The agreement describes its purpose as “establishing a formal … Continue reading 

Interview with Lebanese boycott and anti-normalization organizer Samah Idriss

This week Voice of Palestine has a live interview with Lebanese boycott and anti-normalization organizer, Samah Idriss. Samah is also the editor of AlAdab and is visiting Canada to be part of Israeli Apartheid Week activities. We talked with Samah … Continue reading 


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