Video: Bricks from the Wall – Jihane al Quds and Harlem Anti-Wall Chorus

Creative song urges major US pension fund to divest from companies complicit in Israeli apartheid


Boycott movement has empowered Palestinians, says co-founder

Adnan Ramadan speaks about the history of BDS, underscoring an important and often overlooked point: the movement was conceived and founded by Palestinians, in Palestine


Bill Gates slammed over links to Israel prison torture

Palestinian human rights organisations have criticised Bill Gates after it emerged that his charitable foundation is heavily invested in G4S, a private security company that helps Israel run its abhorrent prison system


Tell Bill Gates to divest from Israel’s prison torture

Sign the petition at

Israel’s incompetent global campaign of “lawfare”

Israel’s defenders are increasingly resorting to legal intimidation


Divestment wins again at Loyola, goes down fighting in Michigan

After an intense, hours-long debate, watched by thousands of people, the University of Michigan student government last night defeated a motion calling for divestment from companies profiting from Israeli occupation and human rights abuses


BBC says no to occupation profiteer G4S after major campaign

G4S loses out on a contract with the British Broadcasting Corporation following a campaign backed by big name actors and authors

Royal Institute of British Architects backs Israel boycott motion

The motion calls on the International Union Of Architects to exclude the Israeli Association of United Architects over its refusal to oppose Israel’s construction of illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian territory


$170m Argentina loss for Israeli water firm Mekorot as BDS spreads southward

The Buenos Aires municipality suspended a $170m water deal with Mekorot following a campaign over its role in Israel’s system of ‘water apartheid’

War on campus: Ali Abunimah and Max Geller on Democracy Now!

This morning I appeared on Democracy Now! along with Max Geller, a law student at Boston’s Northeastern University and a member of Northeastern Students for Justice in Palestine. The university administration this week banned Northeastern Students for Justice in Palestine … Continue reading 


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