BDS marks another victory as Veolia sells off all Israeli operations

The sale of its stake in the Jerusalem Light Rail means Veolia has completely exited Israeli market. The move follows a boycott campaign that has cost the company billions of dollars.


A statement issued by the General Federation of Palestine’s Trades Unions – Gaza

We, the undersigned, assert our unwavering commitment to the call of Palestinian civil society for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel (BDS)

Palestinian activists enter a Rami Levi supermarket located in the Sha’ar Binyamin settlement to protest against the Israeli occupation and settlements and to call for BDS. Yotam Ronen/Activestills

BDS@10: boycott movement leaders address press conference

Chief Mandla Mandela, South African MP and grandson of Nelson Mandela, and Lebanese musician Marcel Khalife were among those that participated in the press conference

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Marinah becomes first singer in Spain to cancel concerts

Marinah had planned to participate in the Méditerranée Festival in Ashdod the upcoming 11th June and also at the World Music Festival of Tel Aviv

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More than 10 000 South African School Students March Against Woolworths over Israel Trade

South African trade unions and solidarity organisations are calling for a boycott of the Woolworths retailer over its refusal to stop selling Israeli products

BDS roundup: Lauryn Hill cancels Israel concert and Israeli company loses Olympics security contract

Plus: 20 South African businesses boycott security company over prison links, BDS campaign launched in Egypt, UK bank divests from Israeli arms company, French multinational Veolia sells nearly all Israeli businesses and Quebec union federation adopts BDS

Tank and boy

It’s Time to Boycott Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s refuses to stop the Israeli franchise from making money selling in the settlements

2016 Olympics: After BDS pressure, Brazilian government denies relations with Israeli company ISDS

More than 30 Brazilian social movements and progressive organisations had called on the Brazilian government to exclude International Security and Defence Systems from Olympics contracts after the Israeli company announced in October 2014 that it had been awarded a $2.2bn deal to coordinate security at the games

Groups across the UK occupied and held protests at Barclays banks as part of the campaign

Barclays bank no longer listed as Elbit Systems shareholder

Barclays has appeared to divest from Elbit Systems, the Israeli military and arms company that is at the heart of Israel’s brutal massacres

20 businesses across South Africa join G4S boycott

G4S is target for BDS campaign over its role in Israel’s prison system


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