Seattle campaign group publishes Stop Veolia Zine

The 101-page Zine documents Veolia’s criminal anti-labor, anti-environment, anti-poor practices, alongside popular victories against Veolia in Paris and Palestine.


Brazilian star Caetano Veloso announces he will never go back to Israel

After performing in Tel Aviv, in defiance of Palestinian appeals not to help Israel use his name to cover up its regime of oppression, Caetano Veloso has now concluded that he will “never go back” to Israel. In an article … Continue reading 

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Lazos que matan: la cooperación militar internacional con Israel

“Apoyo la convocatoria a un embargo de armas porque deseamos la paz y la justicia para palestinos e israelíes por medios no violentos.” — Arzobispo Desmond Tutu “Este bien merecido embargo militar es un paso crucial para poner fin a … Continue reading 


Popular Palestinian resistance against Israeli oppression enters its second month

Since the start of October, Palestinians have been taking part in mass popular resistance against Israeli settler colonialism and apartheid

ACTION ALERT: Tell these food chefs to cancel their Round Tables with Apartheid!

Head chefs from nine famous restaurants will spend a week cooking in Tel Aviv as part of a PR initiative to bring international prestige to Israel’s culinary scene. The Round Tables culinary show is sponsored by Israeli government ministries, the Tel Aviv Municipality and businesses operating in illegal Israeli settlements.


Israeli arms exports take dramatic hit amid growing boycott campaign

Military exports drop from $7.5bn to $5.5bn and industry leaders believe “less desire for Israeli-made products” is a key factor

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Links that Kill: International military cooperation with Israel

Briefing – The case for a comprehensive military embargo on Israel


New victory: Four Colombian film festivals join cultural boycott of Israel

#SolidarityWaveBDS As a new generation of Palestinians is marching on the footsteps of previous generations, rising up against Israel’s brutal, decades-old regime of occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid, four Colombian film festivals join the cultural boycott against Israel’s regime. Local … Continue reading 


Chamado para virar o jogo contra repressão criminosa de Israel

#SolidarityWaveBDS Solidarize-se com a resistência popular palestina! Corte todos os vínculos militares com Israel! Mais de 100 cidades dentro de 25 países já aderiram a ações de #SolidarityWaveBDS durante o fim de semana. Mudar o foco enviesado da mídia é … Continue reading 

Llamado a contrarrestar la represión criminal de Israel

  #SolidarityWaveBDS ¡Solidaridad con la resistencia popular palestina! ¡Cortemos todos los lazos militares con Israel! 100 ciudades en 25 países se sumaron a las acciones de #SolidarityWaveBDS el pasado fin de semana Un objetivo clave de las acciones de #SolidarityWaveBDS … Continue reading 


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