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These statements have been issued by the Palestinian BDS National Committee or its member organisations.

Stand with Palestinian workers in Gaza: a call for trade union solidarity

The Palestinian trade union movement is unanimously calling on trade unions internationally to take immediate action to stop the Israeli massacre in Gaza and hold Israel to account for its crimes against the Palestinian people

Smoke seen over the sky of Gaza following an Israeli air strike, July 8, 2014. © Yotam Ronen/ActiveStills

Urgent call from Gaza civil society: Act now!

Palestinians trapped inside the bloodied and besieged Gaza Strip call on conscientious people all over the world to act, protest and intensify the boycotts, divestments and sanctions against Israel until it ends this murderous attack on our people and is held to account

Smoke seen over the sky of Gaza following an Israeli air strike, July 8, 2014. © Yotam Ronen/ActiveStills

Effective BDS actions more important than ever to support Palestinians in Gaza and hold Israel to account

The BDS movement calls on supporters of human rights to take effective actions, particularly in the shape of BDS campaigns, to show solidarity and pressure Israel to end its regime of occupation, colonialism and apartheid

The Israeli military has conducted hundred of raids across the West Bank and launched dozens of attacks on Gaza. © Oren Ziv/ActiveStills

Israel must be held accountable for its collective punishment of Palestinians

Israel is only able to act with utter impunity because of the military, economic and political support it receives from governments around the world

Palestinian civil society salutes Presbyterians on divestment resolution

The Presbyterian Church (USA) general assembly has voted to divest its holdings from three US corporations on the basis of their well-documented record of complicity in the oppression and denial of human rights of Palestinians.

Students at King's College London protest as part of a successful campaign against G4S

BDS pressure forces G4S to distance itself from Israel’s prison system

G4S announces future pull out of prisons, but campaign pressure must continue until it does

George Soros funds and foundations must be held accountable for investments in Israeli violations of international law

Soros funds have announcement investment in SodaStream stock and increased investment in Teva Pharmaceuticals, both Israeli companies that are deeply involved in violations of international law

Belgian firm urged to abandon Israel port building project

Belgian firm Jan De Nul Group is considering building new port facilities in Haifa and Ashdod on behalf of the Israel Ports Company, according to media reports. Two other European firms are believed to have pulled out of the bidding due to fears about boycott pressure. In this open letter, Palestinian, European and Middle Eastern unions, NGOs and campaigns call on the firm to abandon any plans to be involved in the project


Starbucks may face a boycott if it partners with SodaStream

Starbucks’ reported interest in SodaStream comes at a time when civil society, the private sector and governments across the world are increasingly shunning businesses that contribute to Israel’s occupation and violations of international law

World Water Day sees launch of First International Week To Boycott Mekorot

Campaigners from around the world are taking part in a week of action against Israeli national water company Mekorot, the main agent of Israeli water apartheid against Palestinians. The week launches on 22 March, World Water Day, and lasts until … Continue reading 


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