Israeli Apartheid Week



Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) is a tool for mobilizing grassroots support on the global level for the Palestinian struggle for justice. It is a grassroots mechanism to raise awareness about Israeli apartheid and to mobilize support for strategic BDS campaigns to help bring an end to this system of oppression. 

IAW provides an opportunity to network and strengthen the links between the Palestinian liberation struggle and other struggles against racism, oppression, and discrimination. In 2021, as every year since 2005, we will once again join our voices to denounce apartheid and celebrate our diversity. During the week from March 14th to March 21st, 2021 we will organize a series of inspiring actions and events to show that now, more than ever, we are #UnitedAgainstRacism

Stay tuned for IAW program updates, take action now, and get involved!


2021 Callout


Racism, discrimination, xenophobia, and inequality continue to grow around the world. In recent months, we have seen how people in the Global South and people of color, political prisoners, unhoused people, migrants, and refugees, among many others, have suffered from the scourge of COVID19, which has further exacerbated their vulnerability.

We have also seen how millions of people around the world have taken to the streets to protest against systemic racism, patriarchal violence, climate injustice, neoliberal austerity, and economic inequality, among other oppressions that continue to suffocate us. These protests for long-denied justice have inspired us to keep resisting injustice, to continue dreaming of freedom, and to keep insisting on our rights, in a united global front against racism and oppression.

Now, more than ever, we need you, we need each other. We need all our voices united across the world to end racism, colonialism, and apartheid. Read more

Palestine remains a central testing ground for global repression. Israel’s apartheid regime tests its militaristic and racist ideologies, surveillance tools, and weapons of oppression and racial domination on Palestinian bodies and society for export to the world as “field-tested.” These tools end up aggravating the militarized and racial oppression in many countries around the world, from fortress Europe to the US, from India to Myanmar, from Brazil and Honduras to South Sudan and Rwanda, and far beyond.
For the last 17 years, IAW has been organized around the globe to protest some of these injustices and to advocate for Palestinian freedom, justice, and equality as part of the struggle to attain our indivisible justice. Let's continue to weave ever more powerful networks of hope and mutual, intersectional solidarity. Together we are unstoppable.


Watch Angela Davis’ call to support IAW

Take Action! Join our Global Virtual Protest


This year Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) will join the observance of the International Day Against Racism by organizing a global and massive virtual protest to resist racial discrimination, colonialism, and apartheid and to celebrate the diversity and connectedness of our struggles. We want our voices to be loud despite all the repression, but we can’t do it without your help.


How to join the global virtual protest?

You have to download the IAW Call Against Colonialism, Racism, and Apartheid and send us your video reading the call following the instructions you will find below. 

Once we collect all your videos, we will edit them and create a collective reading of the Call with all our voices United Against Racism! This video will be shared online and offline across the world. 

Instructions on how to participate, and technical requirements for recording videos

Text to read

Download the IAW Call Against Colonialism, Racism, and Apartheid in English, Spanish or Arabic

Read the text in your preferred language. You can choose English, Spanish, or Arabic or your own native language! If you want to translate the call into your own native language, please make sure to send along with the full English translation of the text and note the language you are using.


  • Look into the camera.
  • Shoot in landscape mode (horizontal, not vertical)
  • When using your cellphone, please record it horizontally and in high quality (1920x1080)
  • Avoid shaky video:
    • Ideal to have someone film you
    • Other options: tripod or selfie stick

Lighting & Background 

  • Find natural light and face the light (when you have the light behind you, it creates a shadow, and you look like you’re in the dark)
  • The background must be simple. No clutter or movement going on


  • Close your windows and doors. Find a quiet place with very little background noise. 
  • If you use a headset, please make sure you place the microphone somewhere close to your neck not to see the wires. 


Send your video to [email protected] by February 28th and stay tuned for more updates!



Download IAW 2021 Artwork.

Visit our Resources section and learn more about the apartheid analysis, its legal aspects, and implications. 

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions or need support for IAW organizing. 



Since its beginnings in 2004, IAW has organized thousands of events in hundreds of cities worldwide. Thanks to IAW, Israel's apartheid policies of institutionalized racism and systematic oppression against the Palestinian people are increasingly difficult to hide and whitewash.
IAW is a collective growing success that fuels the global BDS movement's unstoppable growth in the Palestinian struggle for freedom, justice, and equality.
Now more than ever, let's continue to stand together.